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(CBRG) Computational Biology Research Group, Oxford University
We have expertise in many aspects of bioinformatics (sequence analysis, microarrays, proteomics and integration). We especially encourage collaborations that require writing custom software, bioinformatics tools and databases.
Idioma: English / English
Brutlag Bioinformatics Group
The Brutlag Bioinformatics Group is located in the Biochemistry Department at Stanford University and is also affiliated with the Stanford Medical Informatics program in the Department of Medicine, Stanford Medical School.
Idioma: English / English
CBRG - Computational Biochemistry Research Group
The Computational Biochemistry Research Group is part of the Institute of Computational Science. Our scientific focus is on algorithms for biological questions and on large scale computations.
Idioma: French / French
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Group website
at the University of Southern California. The site offers you detail about the faculty, postdoctoral associates and Ph.D. students. The site also provides you with information on the programs offered, events and latest news in the department.
Idioma: English / English
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Group, Biology Department
At University of Southern California, some of the current research deals with the statistical analysis of microarray data, protein-protein functional prediction combining different sources of biological data and genomic polymorphism survey of Arabidopsis.
Idioma: English / English
Computational Biology group at UCSC
dedicated to the discovery and implementation of algorithms that facilitate the understanding of biological processes. Our work emphasises the application of statistical and machine learning techniques.
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Dicks Computational Biology Group: Evolutionary Dynamics
The Dicks group forms part of the Department of Computational and Systems Biology within the John Innes Centre. The research focus of the group are statistical modelling of evolutionary dynamic processes, software and Infrastructure development.
Idioma: English / English
Equipe de Bioinformatique Génomique et Moléculaire
Idioma: French / French
Groupe Barton University of Dundee
The primary emphasis of the group's research is on the computational analysis and prediction of the function and three-dimensional structure of proteins from their amino acid sequence
Idioma: English / English
Harvard Molecular Technology Group & Lipper Center for Computational Genetics
DNAs, DNAs, Protein interactions, Bio-System models, Environments
Idioma: English / English
IBM Computational Biology & Medical Informatics
Embraces activities at IBM Research worldwide. It includes the Computational Biology Center at the T. J. Watson Research Center, with strong affiliations with Almaden and other IBM Research Centers.
Idioma: English / English
ISREC - Computational Cancer Genomics (CCG)
The Computational Cancer Genomics (CCG) group of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB) is dedicated to the development of analysis tools and databases relating molecular sequences and biological functions.
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NIH BIMAS - BioInformatics & Molecular Analysis Section
The BIMAS mission is to provide guidance, support and resources to scientists throughout the NIH in the genomic and genetic analysis fields of BioInformatics.
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